PLEASE NOTE: We are not booking any events past June 2017


Arch At Chatham

is a unique and inspiring venue for weddings, showers, corporate events, non profits and the arts to utilize when they want a memorable experience at a unique place. Located one block south of Massachusetts {commonly known as "Mass Ave"} and less than a mile from Monument Circle, we are positioned in the epicenter of Indianapolis' thriving arts district.

You can find out more about this historical areas here:

Chatham Arch Neighborhood

Mass Ave District

Both areas are designated on the National Register of Historic Places as well as locally designated  historical preservation areas.
Arch At Chatham is a unique venue to host many types of events. We have hosted everything from weddings | showers | anniversary and birthday parties to corporate workshops, holiday parties, non-profit luncheons, fundraisers and fashions shows. Our space is versatile to go from intimate to business to celebration all in one event.

We have an in-house venue manager, event coordinator, security team and party designer at your finger tips. WE can create a beautiful ambiance will maintaining your budget guidelines and details.

Our venue has attached parking so your guests don't have to pay along with street and valet parking for a more elegant welcome. We are minutes from downtown and can coordinate hotel stays and events for your guests.

For the business minded gatherings, we have access to podiums, visual aids, public speakers and over 30  years of workshops and conferences under out belts to ensure a smooth and successful event. The beautiful Grand Hall is ideal for non-profits to host board meetings and fundraisers along with corporate team building presentations and meetings. Whether your event is for 25 people or 175 people, we can make it happen with ease.

The Arch at Chatham is also home to Jackson's Auction Company, the premier art auction company in the Midwest. Jackson's Auction Company provides the auction method of marketing for the public to buy and invest in art. They holds over 100 auction records for Indiana art sold at auctions. If you are a novice or serious collector the auction method of purchasing art has a long and rich history in art valuation and collecting.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are not booking any events past June 2017